Once you’ve decided where you would like to contribute, fill out the form below, and we will get you plugged in. We need everyone to get involved so that as a family we can carry our mission forward!  At Bay City, we ask each person who calls us their church family to be involved in contributing in some way. Each week we have people attend Bay City who don’t know Jesus, and therefore we put a great deal of time, effort, and focus on ensuring that we create a distraction-free environment which allows people to zero in on hearing the Gospel message that will be preached each week.

Click on each of the opportunities below to learn a little bit about each team. Once you’ve decided where you would like to serve, click the button below, fill out the form, and we will get you plugged in.

Utility Team

We exist to support all the other teams in preparing the church for our Sunday gatherings and ensuring they have everything they need for a smooth gathering. We do this by:

  • Set up and tear down equipment needed for the gathering
  • Placing signage so people can find our church easily on Sunday mornings and taking it down once the gathering is over
  • picking up trash around the building

No special skills are needed. All we ask for is a servant’s attitude to do whatever may come up on a Sunday morning.

Bay City Kids Team

Each week, we partner with the parents of Bay City to hand the gospel to the next generation by providing ministry for kids ages 6 weeks through 10 years. We do this by:

  • Ensuring parents know their kids are being well cared for so they can focus on being a part of the weekly gathering
  • Keeping the kids ministry welcoming, safe & healthy
  • Serving a few per month during the gathering to fill a variety of roles including taking care of babies, teaching kids and assisting the teachers
  • Paging a parent when diapers need changing or other issues that may arise with each child

As the only missional team that misses the gathering, you deeply bless the parents of Bay City. We want to ensure that this is a safe, clean, & loving environment for our kids at all times. To support this, all people serving in Bay City Kids must pass a background check.

Hospitality Team

Joining the Hospitality team means being the welcoming face of Bay City to each person that comes on a Sunday morning. We do this by:

  • Making a positive first impression the moment new guests enter the church
  • Directing people to the coffee, the bathrooms & the children’s rooms
  • Helping people get connected to the next steps at Bay City
  • Running the Connect Desk
  • Thanking people for coming
  • Brewing and refilling coffee all morning

At all Bay City events we strive to make people feel welcomed and loved

Bay City Music Team

We labor to produce gospel-proclaiming, Jesus-praising worship gatherings where life-change is expected. Each week we progress through a journey of lifting our eyes to give thanks to and testify about Jesus, as we prepare to passionately ascribe Him ultimate worth. We do this by:

  • Leading worship through singing and playing music
  • Meeting regularly to rehearse
  • Continuing to grow in skill

Production Team

The production team works hard to support the church through audio, visual, and gathering production. Every week we work hard to create an atmosphere that allows for worship and preaching to be unhindered by distraction. We do this by:

  • Running the sound, lights, and media presentations used on Sunday morning
  • Meeting for special trainings
  • Running lyrics and sermon slides as well as announcements during gatherings
  • Continuing to grow in skills