Our Mission


To be a diverse family of people dedicated to Encountering Jesus, Pursuing Jesus and Proclaiming Jesus.


In a city where many come to make themselves known, we've come to make Jesus known. And in a city where many come to make themselves better, we've come to make the city better. We are a family of people that are committed to making followers of Jesus and making our city a great place to be.



He has the power to change people, families and cities from the inside out. He is our example, our savior and the living God. He has empowered us to tell the world about him.


We exist to know Jesus and to make Him famous. Our church is an instrument to help bring about God's plan to reconcile us to each other and the whole world to Himself.


San Francisco is a glorious city and God loves cities. We as a church are rooted as citizens of SF and are committed to seeing it transform for the better.


Our Values


While all churches have different values, we have a few things we feel God has specifically called us to emphasize with our church

Encounter Jesus

We are a people marked by an encounter with Jesus. Jesus has sought us and transformed us. Now, we are drawn to know as much about him as possible. This includes reading our Bible and meeting together to talk about Jesus, but this also includes knowing Jesus intimately by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Pursue Jesus

We seek to help fulfill the Great Commission Jesus has laid out for us in San Francisco. Not only do we care about the literal bettering of the city, but we also care about the spiritual bettering of the city. We want as many people to meet Jesus as possible, and we want to be an instrument God chooses to use to reconcile San Francisco to himself. We do this by helping people come full circle as Christians: We help people Trust in Jesus, Honor God with their lives and then also help those disciple by make more disciples.

Proclaim Jesus

We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus, because we know it is the POWER of God for Salvation. (Romans 1:16) Our identity as Christians comes before everything. The mission of this identity is to tell the world about Jesus and make Him famous. This includes our families, friends co-workers and anyone else.

We do this by preaching and teaching the bible, committing to authentic discipleship.

Grow As A Family

As God’s people, we have been adopted as sons and daughters into His family. This means we are all spiritual brothers and sisters in Jesus. We want to create and live within a family dynamic in our church. We will study together, serve together, pray together, worship together, and have fun together. But this also means life in the church could get messy. We are committed to seeing each other through brokenness, struggles, sin and loss. Most importantly, we want to see each other become increasingly more sanctified through God’s word and by the power of the spirit

As a family we say: We’re committed to seeing Jesus changing you into someone who’s more like him, and we want to help you get there

Committed to Multi-Cultural Church

We can all feel that the world is not the way it is supposed to be. We can all feel the tension in our city and our country that exists between us. We as a people are fractured by our differences. And because of the history of American injustice and sin we remain people divided by the very things that make us special and unique.

We want to work for unity in the city and in doing this, we believe the Kingdom of God would inch closer to us in the here and now, and eventually finishing when Jesus returns and restores the world.


What We Believe


This is what Bay City Church believes about God, the Bible, and each other. Included in this is our doctrinal distinctives.